About Zoe

What is ZOE?

It is an organic, probiotic, fermented, biologically active beverage concentrate saturated with live good bacteria. It is also unique in its liquid consistency. There are up to 4 billion live good bacteria per gram of ZOE products. It's suspected that human consumption of fermented food predates recorded history. It's probably safe to assume early humans who stumbled across naturally fermenting foods didn't turn their noses up at the thought of eating them. They likely consumed them and reaped the benefits of eating PROBIOTIC FOODS without even realizing what they are doing. That is known is that fermented foods have been a way of life of mankind for tens of thousands of years at a bare minimum. In the age of processed food - healthy probiotic diet it's a must! Suitable for both adults and children. ZOE - for great family well-being! Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan.


How to use ZOE?

ZOE concentrate can be taken with a drink or food. When making a ZOE drink, add 1 teaspoon to a glass of water, juice or another favourite drink of yours. When taking with food, use 1 teaspoon of undiluted concentrate as a sauce. Beginners are advised to prepare a ZOE drink for the first 2 weeks and drink half a glass before each meal and the other half with a meal. Later apply ZOE on your daily meals as a sauce, choosing the amount individually according to the taste and need of the body.

DIRECTIONS: add table spoon of Zoe in to a glass of water or juice. Drink before and during meals (~ 2 glasses a day).
LATER ON: a week or two later start applying tee spoon of good bacteria concentrate directly on to your plants origin meals such like: soups, stews, porridges, grain, vegetables – pour just before eating. On raw foods like salat, fresh fruits, berries let sit Zoe for at least 20min for better fermentation.
After applying Zoe probiotic concentrate on your drinks and meals – food becomes significantly more beneficial.
Poor diet to rich diet just in one simple step – apply it directly to your drink or food.
Amounts of usage can be increased accordingly to needs. You can’t overdose it.
STORAGE: For expiry dates follow labels. Keep in a fridge not tightly sealed. Use within 3 months after opening. 

ZOE fermented drink concentrate

Enrich diet and external use 100%
Organic 100%
Dairy free 100%
Vegan friendly 100%
Not pasteurized 100%
Probiotics concentrate 100%
"All disease begins in the gut."
"Let food be thy medicine"
"A bad digestion is the root of all evil"


The benefits of ZOE have been confirmed by consumer reviews - systematic use of these products has a positive effect to the body. There are times when people describe their experiences applying ZOE to the prevention of skin diseases, allergies, internal organs, gums, gastrointestinal tract, or even cancer. Consumer opinions are publicly posted on social networks. 100 proc. organic enzymed drink concentrate.

Helps to cure, halt or prevent:

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