NAMIKO oats drink concentrate with SEA BUCKTHORN, 0.75 L (Copy)


Introducing a new NAMIKO product – a fermented oat drink concentrate flavored with sea buckthorn  juice. It is a product of the  NAMIKO line, saturated with live good bacteria.

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Ingredients: drinking water, oatmeal* 18%, sea buckthorn10%, sourdough (cultures of biologically active beneficial bacteria: the number of mesophilic lactic acid bacteria – at least 1×108 CFU/ml, bifidobacteria – at least 1×108 CFU/ml, Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp bulgaricus – at least 1×108 CFU/ml, Streptococcus thermophilus – at least 1×108 CFU/ml), acidity regulator sodium carbonates.
* You can find gluten (allergen) as a permissible limit and other tests here: Tests

Nutrition per 100 g of product: Energy value 285 kJ / 68 kcal, fat 1.4 g, of which 0.24 g of saturated fatty acids, 11.92 g of carbohydrates, of which 0.25 g of sugars, 2.5 g of protein, salt 0.02 g.

NAMIKO  concentrates are saturated with live good bacteria, so taking NAMIKO will enrich your daily diet.

– Take one teaspoon with each meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner. If you eat more often, use NAMIKO more often.

– Add undiluted concentrate to food (porridge, soup, salad).

– Or make a NAMIKO drink: add one teaspoon of  NAMIKOto a glass of water or juice, stir and drink with food.

Here are some other important rules for using NAMIKO:

– Add  NAMIKOconcentrate to cooked dishes when the food has cooled down and will not burn on the palate. Wait for the food to cool to at least 40 degrees;

– It is recommended to add  NAMIKOconcentrate to raw foods (mixed foods, salads, mashed fruit desserts, etc.) in advance and allow the food to ferment.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended to use within 45 days of opening the bottle.


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