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ZOE - Organic Fermented Drink Concentrate

Everything for your health!

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Fermentation was never that easy:

Instant fermentation

add a tea spoon of Zoe in your drinks (water, juice, tea).

Ferment ready to eat foods

pour tea spoon of Zoe on your ready to eat (plant origin) meals - salats, porridge’s, side dishes (potato’s, grains).

Ferment any fruit or vegetable for couple of days.

You can ferment your favourite fruits or vegetables by using regular recipe. Which is mostly: sea salt melyed in water, few cloves of garlic, peppercorn.

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ZOE SEA BUCKTHORN organic fermented drink concentrate, 0.75 l

It is an organic, probiotic, fermented, biologically active beverage concentrate saturated with live good bacteria. There are up to 4 billion live good bacteria per gram of ZOE products. By comparison, unique ZOE products contain about 40 tons of kefir or yogurt. The distinctive feature of the product is an acidic medium with a natural smell and taste, perfectly adapted to the reproduction of good bacteria and the absorption of various useful substances, suitable for both adults and children. It is not for nothing that we say: ZOE – for great family well-being!

Customers Reviews

Live changing. Just water with Zoe daily helped me a lot. I was suffering from hay fever for years and it's gone now. I'm not taking any anti-allergy medications anymore. Couldn’t ask for more as I was on strong medication before. Not to mention my stomach problems were significantly reduced. Thank you.
Adnan (39)
Zoe products are number one in our family! Not a day without it. We use those with food, on the skin, on the nose and all problems can be sorted out with Zoe. We like to experiment with flavors. My kids love to drink water flavored with honey Zoe. These products it’s a must for all families. We highly recommend it.
Lina (40)
I was looking something for my husband to recover after antibiotics. He felt better immediately after Zoe Probiotics. I joined him and felt much more energetic, works like RedBull for me.
Kamila (25)
Thanks to Zoe I can drink coffee again. I felt the difference after a week or so. I did completely forget my stomach acidity problems. I definitely recommend Zoe to those who experience any stomach discomfort and for general well-being as well.
Raveena (30)

ZOE - Everything for your health!

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